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Odd Man Out

24″ x 18″ 140 lb. cold press paper
Framed $250

The idea for this painting just popped into my head. I’ve done blueberries, crayons and Mason jars before, but I don’t know where the idea for the lone cherry came from. I’ve had trouble with reds before, especially the darker reds, so I wanted to give this a try to see if I could create a shiny fruit. There are about 8-10 layers of red using a mixture of red madder, orange and scarlet. The blueberries are cobalt blue, indigo and red madder.
I masked off most of the reflection on the cherry and the jar then started layering in the reds and blues of the berries, the crayons and finally the cherry. I initially had about 12 berries but I didn’t like the look of it so added the more distant blueberries.
I realize that with the juxtaposition of the crayons and fruit there is a bit of incongruity; but you have to paint what the muses direct you to I suppose and I’m happy with the results.
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Olson’s Boat

24″ x 18″ 140 lb. cold press paper
Framed $200

This boat belongs to Diana Olson. She gave me a picture thinking I might want to paint it. She was right! This was an easy composition to draw with all the straight lines. I apologize for taking a bit of artistic license with her picture by adding numbers on the sail and adding some clouds on the horizon.

I saved the water to paint last because I wasn’t sure how to do it. Even though it is a bit impressionistic, I think the contrast between the sails and the water really makes the picture. I’m satisfied with how it turned out as long as I don’t keep looking for mistakes :). And where was Diana when the picture was taken? I think she must have been jumping out of the boat, took the picture and threw the camera to someone in the boat as she splashed into the lake. That’s dedication! Continue reading

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Crab Apple Tea

24″ x 18″ 140 lb. Cold Press Paper $200 Framed

This painting had some challenges including making the light reflecting through the glass look realistic. I like how the handle and the bottom of the container turned out. I first thought I would make the background a dark blue-green; but the contrast of the black, especially with the light coming from the far back right, seemed to work better.
I like that the glass and liquid distort the images in the tea container especially magnifying the crab apple. I probably should have made the doily a darker gray; but once I’d put the holes into the pattern, it was difficult to change the background. Continue reading

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