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Fiat 124 Spider

22″ x 17″ on 140 lb. Watercolor Paper

Private Collection


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Organic Redneck

22″ x 17″ on 140 lb. watercolor paper

I encountered this truck at the Eugene Farmer’s Market. It is a 1949 GMC beautifully repainted with a redesigned bed that folds out into a mobile produce stand. Organic Redneck is part of the McKenzie River Farm just east of Eugene. Great produce! Continue reading

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39 Buick

Giclee Print: 30″ x 24″ on 140 lb. watercolor paper
$150 Framed
I took the reference photo for this painting last September. I wasn’t sure I wanted to paint this car because I only have two thirds of the car showing. However, I was really challenged by the reflection of the Model A in the side of this 1939 Buick Special.I started by masking off all the areas that would remain white. I then did a light blue-gray wash over the entire car. I added some bright blue across the fenders, around the door, on the roof and on the hood. I gradually did layers of gray for the Model A until it began to turn black. I add the two figures at the left.

Next I started successive layers of an indigo, Van Dyke brown and cerulean blue mix on the Buick body. In most areas i did 5-6 layers. Once the body color was done I began working on the back wheel and the inside of the car. My penultimate task was to paint in Gary’s Coffee shop in the background. The reference photo didn’t show this, but since I’m going to display this painting at Gary’s, I thought it would be a nice touch to show the shop in a painting.

Finally, to finish the painting, I softened edges, cleaned up lines, scratched in some details, and added another layer of paint to the body of the car.

It seems all my paintings have areas I don’t care for and others that I do like. This one is no exception. I struggled with the front wind shield. The reference photo was no help and I wanted to have some reflection. In the end, I gave up and left it alone. The parts I like best are the rear wheel area and the reflections in the back side window.

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Hey There Buddy!

30″ x 24″
140 lb. cold press paper

Private Collection

This might not hang in someone’s living room (maybe in their garage), but it is a painting that I needed to paint and really enjoyed painting. The drawing went down quickly with only modest changes. I like the juxtaposition of the small Nash Metropolitan and the hulking truck. The car comes back to the future and thinks these behemoths must eat little cars. The Metro is being squeezed off the road as the road stripes make no sense to the Metro either. It is a crazy new world! Continue reading

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35 Ford

24″ x 18″ on 140 lb. watercolor paper

Private Collection

First, this was the most fun I’ve had painting. The painting is from a photo that I took at the Eugene Celebration but I failed to note the model and year of the car. So I started searching for it on the Internet. I could see what looked like a Ford emblem on the front so I typed in “1935 Ford”, just guessing at the year (although, hey!, it says 1935 right on the license plate) and . . . voila! . . . I discovered the entire world of 1935 Ford buffs. “So Biff wants to be a buff.” I was surprised that the bells and horns on the front of the car are original and maybe even the greyhound hood ornament. Continue reading

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24″ X 30″
140 lb. cold press paper
$200 Framed

I took a bunch of pictures at the Eugene Celebration car show last month. After reviewing the pictures I chose this one to paint. There wasn’t a car reflecting in the hubcap. Since I was squatting down to take the picture I blocked what was behind me. So invented the car.

I traced the circles of the hubcap and wheel and then drew in the reflections. Because I painted one quadrant at a time, I was often confused as to which circles connected to which circle. There are some technical errors there but I like the overall composition.

I started with the sky reflection. I continued to layer it in until I had the color I wanted. At first it was too light. I did the same with the black, laying in 4-5 layers until it reached the intensity I needed.

I kept turning the painting as I painted keeping the section I was working on in the upper right-hand corner. Since I am left handed, this works best for me.

I tried to make the tire subtle enough not to distract but enough detail to identify it as a tire.

I like this one. Continue reading

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