Ink and watercolor
9″ x 12″ 300 lb. watercolor paper
Private Collection

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Roots & Fruits Glasgow

18″ x 24″ 140 lb. Watercolor Paper
$200 unframed

We were in Glasgow for 10 days living just two blocks from this fruit and vegetable store. Great Western Road, in the West End of Glasgow, is a wonderful eclectic mix of cultures.

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Harley 4

30″ x 24″ framed $375

This is the fourth Harley-Davidson motorcycle I’ve painted. I love painting the chrome with all the highlights and contrast. This particular Harley was parked in bright sunlight near the University of Oregon Bookstore this summer. I took some snapshots for reference then forgot about them. This fall I was scanning through my photos and this one caught my eye.

This took about 3 hours to draw or maybe longer. It was a painstaking process but worth the time. When I spend a lot of time with the drawing, the resulting painting is usually better than if I rush things or trace a projected image (which I almost never do).

I started painting what I think are the exhaust pipes. The blue of the sky, black of buildings being reflected and the tan of the ground took multiple layers to get it just right. I got a bit lost in this painting at times, but was able to recover to my own satisfaction. Part of the challenge was to understand what I was painting. Since I don’t know how a motorcycle works let alone a car, I wasn’t always sure what all the parts of the machine were or what they did.

In the end I was happy with the finished painting and the overall composition.

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24″ x 18″ on 140 lb. watercolor paper

$200 Unframed

fruitopiaWPI didn’t have a reference photo for this painting, but I did get to know some of the participants quite well. There are over 4,000 little painted squares  that make up the crochet tablecloth. I created the pencil drawing freehand causing some of the shapes to be a bit off, but I’ll rack that up to artistic license.

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Saturday Morning Coloring Book

24″ x 18″ on 140 lb. Watercolor paper

$150 unframed


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Fiat 124 Spider

22″ x 17″ on 140 lb. Watercolor Paper

Private Collection


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