Zoom! Zoom!

30″ x 24″
140 lb. cold press paper
Private Collection

I think I may have overdosed on painting chrome after this one. When I showed Carolyn the drawing for this painting she said, “What is it?” I should probably enter a 12 step program for chrome painters and be allowed to paint only flowers for a month.

Okay. So what it is? Well, the painting is based on a picture I took at a Harley Davidson dealership. This is the side of a Harley Dyna Low Rider. The light was coming from the showroom windows behind the bike and from a lot of spotlights in the showroom ceiling.

I masked off areas I wanted to remain white. I then started painting the light blue highlights including some areas that I would be adding black to (the black being a mix of indigo and van dyke brown). The blue would be higlights on the black rubber foot supports, for example. I then began adding all the dark highlights and mostly working from left to right across the composition. Finally I added some reflected red color.

Zoom! Zoom! Off to chrome painter’s rehab!

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