56 Chevy

’56 Chevy

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  1. Tim, I came across your blogsite looking for interesting watercolor blogsites (go figure).
    I was taken by your work in chrome. I can appreciate your comment about the 12 step program. I’ve been in Mexico for a few years now and really taken by the local craftsmen and their work in sterling and stainless steel crafts. Started doing some pieces from reference photos and was hooked. Recently made a trip back home to Fl. and saw this ’58 olds parked on the beach. I had to paint it; not wanted, needed. Am sending a link to the image. The only thing I did different than from your method (I paint what I see) is I used no masking fluid. I guess I’m crazy that way.
    I really appreciate and enjoy your work and talent and blog. I’ll be back.
    Patrick DuMouchel

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