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Crayons and Marbles

24″ x 18″ 140 lb. cold press paper

$250 Framed

I had tried painting marbles before with limited success. I think it just takes some observing. In this painting I returned to my favorite color crayons and added the marbles and a long piece of string. I used automobile detailing tape that was 1/8 inch wide to mask off the string and then masking fluid to mask off all the crayons and marbles. I then proceeded to put a blue wash over the entire paper. After removing the tape and masking fluid, I masked off the reflections on the marbles and the light on the crayons. Finally, I started painting crayons and marbles adding numerous glazes to get the colors the right value and intensity. I removed the masking fluid from the marbles and crayons and spent several hours adding and darkening shadows. I may have overworked this a bit, but I am happy with the results.

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Ham Sandwich

16″ x 12″ 140 lb. cold press paper
Framed $150

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Odd Man Out

24″ x 18″ 140 lb. cold press paper
Framed $250

The idea for this painting just popped into my head. I’ve done blueberries, crayons and Mason jars before, but I don’t know where the idea for the lone cherry came from. I’ve had trouble with reds before, especially the darker reds, so I wanted to give this a try to see if I could create a shiny fruit. There are about 8-10 layers of red using a mixture of red madder, orange and scarlet. The blueberries are cobalt blue, indigo and red madder.
I masked off most of the reflection on the cherry and the jar then started layering in the reds and blues of the berries, the crayons and finally the cherry. I initially had about 12 berries but I didn’t like the look of it so added the more distant blueberries.
I realize that with the juxtaposition of the crayons and fruit there is a bit of incongruity; but you have to paint what the muses direct you to I suppose and I’m happy with the results.
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Crab Apple Tea

24″ x 18″ 140 lb. Cold Press Paper $200 Framed

This painting had some challenges including making the light reflecting through the glass look realistic. I like how the handle and the bottom of the container turned out. I first thought I would make the background a dark blue-green; but the contrast of the black, especially with the light coming from the far back right, seemed to work better.
I like that the glass and liquid distort the images in the tea container especially magnifying the crab apple. I probably should have made the doily a darker gray; but once I’d put the holes into the pattern, it was difficult to change the background. Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

Private Collection

I was thinking of things to paint while doing a crossword puzzle. Hmmm. What about a painting with a puzzle in it? Maybe if I put the pencil and my glasses in the picture. . . but that’s not enough color. I consulted with Carolyn and she suggested a mug. The Hilo Hattie Gift Shop mug fit the bill!

I really like the composition. The glasses, however, didn’t distort the images behind them enough so I exaggerated them a bit. The shadows and shadow sides of object receive multiple layers of paint to get them dark enough to show 3 dimension. I spent more time on this painting than just about any other. Drawing it was quick and easy, but I decided not to use anything but watercolors (no pencil or pen) in the painting so there was a lot of detail work with the lettering and lines. I over-worked a few areas, but in general I’m satisfied with this painting. The painting is 24″ x 18″ unframed or 30″ x 24″ framed. Continue reading

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Dad’s Treasures

30″ x 24″
140 lb. cold press paper
$250 Framed

A number of years ago Kelli, our older daughter, created a box that she filled with baseball artifacts and other interesting objects. She gave this to me as a gift. Looking through it the other day, I realized it might make a nice painting. I added to the box an autographed baseball from the 1962 Dodgers and three baseball cards. To the left I included a glove given to me when I was 15 by then minor league player Willie Davis (who was one of the 1962 Dodgers who autographed the ball). The hat is a replica of the hats worn by the 1948 Negro League Harlem Lincoln Giants.
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