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24″ x 18″ on 140 lb. watercolor paper

$200 Unframed

fruitopiaWPI didn’t have a reference photo for this painting, but I did get to know some of the participants quite well. There are over 4,000 little painted squares that make up the crochet tablecloth. I created the pencil drawing freehand causing some of the shapes to be a bit off, but I’ll rack that up to artistic license.

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Saturday Morning Coloring Book

24″ x 18″ on 140 lb. Watercolor paper

$150 unframed/$250 framed


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Fresh Fruit

22″ x 17″ 140 lb. watercolor paper
$225 framed
This is based on a photograph of my breakfast cereal one morning last summer.

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The Collector

18″ x 24″ 140 lb. cold press paper
Framed $250

I had recently watched a short piece on Oregon Art Beat about artist Jhenna Quinn Lewis who specializes in Trompe L’oeil paintings. Trompe L’oeil is the technique of creating extremely realistic almost three dimensional imagery. I had tried something similar when I first started painting 6 years ago, but it wasn’t very good and I didn’t know I was attempting Trompe L’oeil.

The Collector is my attempt at Trompe L’oeil while integrating thin strips of tape to mask off areas I want to remain white. These strips represent string that give the painting a more three dimensional look. Geoffrey McCormack, a friend and painter, has created some remarkable pieces using tape. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as they say.

I thought about making the background black, but later got some good advice from my wife-muse that it might look better with a lighter color. So I decide to paint the background as wood. I found a great YouTube demonstration on painting wood in watercolors so off I went.

This entire painting took close to 20 hours. I did multi-layered washes for the wood and even added two more layers after I thought the painting was done. Some of the stamps are real stamps and others are ones I invented.

Favorite parts of the painting? The Duesenberg car stamp and the shadows of the white strings.

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Gramp’s Clubs

24″ x 18″ on 140 lb. watercolor paper
Private Collection

My grandfather was an avid golfer right up to the end of his life. When he died, I was given his clubs primarily because I was left-handed just like he was. The set was made up of Ben Hogan autographed clubs. The woods are actually made of wood.

Gramp was a short, fair-haired Irishman with a dry sense of humor. He would have appreciated that I did a painting of his clubs and then sold it to another golfer.

The most time with this painting was spent painting the grass. I started with a light yellow-green and then progressed to darker and darker greens and finally a dark almost black green for the shadows.

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Sole Mates

24″ x 18″ on 140 lb. watercolor paper

$250 Framed

Chuck Taylor Converse basketball shoes first appeared in 1910. It has been 100 years and we’re still wearing ’em.

I started by masking off all the laces and white stitching. I then did multiple layers of colors for the shoes both inside and out. Once I was satisfied with the color and contrast, I took the masking fluid off and began adding shadows to the laces to make them 3-dimensional. Finally I put shadows around the shoes.

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