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Gramp’s Clubs

24″ x 18″ on 140 lb. watercolor paper
Private Collection

My grandfather was an avid golfer right up to the end of his life. When he died, I was given his clubs primarily because I was left-handed just like he was. The set was made up of Ben Hogan autographed clubs. The woods are actually made of wood.

Gramp was a short, fair-haired Irishman with a dry sense of humor. He would have appreciated that I did a painting of his clubs and then sold it to another golfer.

The most time with this painting was spent painting the grass. I started with a light yellow-green and then progressed to darker and darker greens and finally a dark almost black green for the shadows.

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Henry’s Dream

24″ x 18″ 140 lb. cold press paper
Framed $250

This car was parked behind mine the other day so I took several pictures of it. I liked all the chrome and the high contrast. I painted with a limited pallet of indigo, raw sienna, cobalt blue, and turquoise blue.

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Crayons and Marbles

24″ x 18″ 140 lb. cold press paper

$250 Framed

I had tried painting marbles before with limited success. I think it just takes some observing. In this painting I returned to my favorite color crayons and added the marbles and a long piece of string. I used automobile detailing tape that was 1/8 inch wide to mask off the string and then masking fluid to mask off all the crayons and marbles. I then proceeded to put a blue wash over the entire paper. After removing the tape and masking fluid, I masked off the reflections on the marbles and the light on the crayons. Finally, I started painting crayons and marbles adding numerous glazes to get the colors the right value and intensity. I removed the masking fluid from the marbles and crayons and spent several hours adding and darkening shadows. I may have overworked this a bit, but I am happy with the results.

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Family Portrait

24″ x 30″ Framed
Not for Sale

This was done for our first grandchild’s nursery.

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